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I should have someplace in there clicked on my good friend on accident as a result of I noticed myself hit him and that i rapidly moved away and apologized. He said it was okay and we started planning our attack. I of course bought the scull and crossbones above my head for attacking someone. I went over to the lesser demon and started attacking. He followed and began attacking too. We (to my shock) took about half of its hitpoints off. We did some good injury for being half of its stage. I ended up having about 6 hp after that little battle. I went over to the west to relaxation. I had no sooner began resting, when the entire sudden I saw three pkers comming out of the west. Looking again on it, I believe they noticed the lesser demon with only half hitpoints and figured somebody had Just been there attacking. They were right. I saw them on the radar and tried to run.

Official quest description: As ever, there are unusual occurrences afoot within the sea slug-riddled city of Witchaven. Kennith, the child rescued at the tip of the Sea Slug quest, is convinced that the often peaceful (albeit gastropod-possessed) locals are as much as no good within the caverns under the village and asks gamers to research. Beware: not every part is quite what it appears. Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending particulars follow. The quest begins in the small town of Witchaven simply east of Ardougne. It’s a good idea to hold a pickaxe at all times throughout the quest, as well as a few Ardougne teleports for comfort. Talk to Kennith, positioned within the home immediately west of the church. He will inform you that the slug-possessed villagers are once more digging within the shrine and can ask you to analyze. Enter the previous ruins immediately west of Kennith. Go through the wall opening to the rapid east to enter a twisting tunnel. Travel to the end of the tunnel, optionally using the agility shortcut. Climb over the rocks and discuss to one of the villagers guarding a darkish entrance.

Enter the east room and use the symbol with any sarcophagus around the walls. Leave the room and the flashback will finish. The Ceremony started and the player was too late. You will communicate to your self again exhibiting your remorse for inflicting harm to the town. Jump across the pit again and re-enter the eastern burial chamber. Wanderer was behind it. She is basically the Devourer, an evil goddess, and she’ll possess one of many priests. Protect from Magic and kill him. High Priest once more, and you’ll experience the last flashback. Icthlarin, god of the dead stops the player from stealing. After talking to the High Priest, you will see the final flashback as a cut-scene. Icthlarin, god of the lifeless, will dehypnotise you. You will end up again in the japanese burial chamber. High Priest to finish the quest. Talking with your cat once more about being confused will tell you the story of the quest because it understands it. If requested again, your cat will refuse to clarify it again and as an alternative tells you to ask one of your adventuring buddies and the chat option will go away. PS: If you happen to happen to have a Hellcat, you will lose your cat after the cutscene is over. You simply should logout and log back in for the cat to reappear.

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You will receive a mission to retrieve 5 physique components. Wear your Amulet of ghostspeak and discuss to the headless Gardener Ghost. He can be discovered north of the room with the “torture table” in it. Ask him about his head and his identify. He tells you his head was chopped off! Offer to help discover his head, which is in a grave within the Haunted Woods. He will observe you for 10 minutes, so take him south into the Haunted Woods. Ask him for the best way in case you are lost. Move shortly, and be cautious of the numerous vampires. Follow the Gardener Ghost’s directions carefully and it’s best to reach his grave soon sufficient. Make certain the grave’s name matches the ghost’s, dig, and you’ll get the top. Note: You can see that the holy image comes in useful right here. Go to the bar in Canifis. Talk to the bartender or attempt to pick up the pickled brains on the table and buy a pickled brain for 50 coins. Use it on the empty head. You may as well use telekinetic seize on the brain that’s on the table close to the counter.